Duplex Diz

Duplex DIZ

A room with a view
Location: Tel Aviv
Apartment area: 140 square meters
Planning and construction: 2011-2012

A secondary resident for an Israeli couple with older kids,  was programmed as a beach house. The Duplex is located in a Complex next to the beach and provides a connection both physical and visual with the sea.  The design allows a programmatic combination between domestic comfort, play and game on the one hand and on the other, the possibility of luxurious entertainment in the main floor with a full private, comfortable and soothing rooms in the upper area. The main floor was designed as one open space – each programmatic component blends in to one another with their mutual white color,  the kitchen library/ TV/fire place area and the living room, the open kitchen, all white elements combined in to one big open spaces that dissolves in to the terrace and its sea view. On top of the sculptural stairs a skylight, brings natural light in to the entrance of the apartment as well as the common spaces in the upper floor. This common area divides the private level between the main large luxurious bedroom and bathroom with a view to the sea and in the back a guest room with it combined bathroom.

Remodeling and Home Design