Duplex AZ

A room with a view

Location: Tel Aviv
Apartment area: 240 square meters
Planning and construction: 2006 – 2007

This Second residence was designed for a Norwegian couple dividing their life between Oslo and Tel Aviv.  The main idea of the design was to oppose to the dark urban reality the couple is faced in their everyday life, to convey a sensation of living outside in nature. The strip openings throughout the spaces allows the penetration of light and view as a continues picture. The couple wanted to bring in European warmth and combine it with a contemporary light design. The dark floor, the kitchen walls and costume furniture, contrasts the lightness of the peripheral walls and ceiling. The use of stucco marble like effect in the ceiling was to emphasize the competition of reflection between the smooth floor and the transparency of the panoramic view. The reflection plays both through the day with the light and colors from the outside, as well as by night with the play of artificial interior lighting system.    The layout divides between the two floors, a public level with open floor plan and a private level with a large luxurious suite and a small guest room.

Remodeling and Home Design